Why Magny


Our trainers have presented to audiences all over the world. They have authored award-winning peer-reviewed papers, are college professors, served as policing fellows, and are subject matter experts in morale, job satisfaction, and emotional Intelligence.

Our expertise is rooted in understanding the internal culture and challenges of policing. We’re former police officers who know of the different nuances in the policing profession. Our training and curriculum will always be evidence-based and tailored to your organization to solve your retention problem. That’s our commitment to you.


Research shows that organizations investing in building and maintaining high job satisfaction in their employees see many benefits. Across all industries, some of these benefits include:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Reduced Workers’ Comp cases
  • Better stress management among employees
  • Better relationships with stakeholders
  • Better customer service
  • Saving taxpayer dollars
  • Reduced liability and litigation
  • Greater change tolerance
  • Better anger management
  • Increased trust organizationally and with community members
  • Save money in your budget

With the ongoing issue of police organizations suffering from low staffing levels, budgets have increased to backfill those positions. An evidence-based approach to improving morale and job satisfaction can save organizations money by increasing their retention rate. For more information, check out the CASE STUDIES section.


  1. It can cost $100,000 to hire a police officer. If that officer leaves your organization, you have to backfill that vacancy. That backfill often means overtime coming from your budget—the additional money spent means paying double that amount for some vacancies.
  2. We know that employee retention is a top priority for you now, and it will be in the next few years. We know it isn’t easy to focus on this priority as there are other factors as chief that take away your attention while managing your budget.
  3. Understanding the motivation behind employee turnover is the first step in solving your retention problem. Addressing this issue head-on is the first step in reducing costs to your organization, keeping your experienced employees, reducing errors made by inexperienced new hires, and increasing productivity because there isn’t much of a learning curve for tenured employees.


Magny Leadership has exclusive rights to the PSEQ assessment test. The PSEQ assessment test is an emotional intelligence test specific to public safety employees. This assessment is unique because the scores address the employee’s level, how it affects them, their team/organization, the profession, and the community they serve. The PSEQ is one of the tools we use to measure employee sentiment quantitatively.

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If you want to retain your police officers, look no further than Magny Leadership! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping law enforcement organizations keep their employees happy and satisfied - and that means boosting morale and reducing turnover. Our services are designed to help officers feel appreciated, respected, and connected to their community - all of which are key factors in keeping them on the job.

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