The Program

the problem

You’re short-staffed due to low retention, and you’re spending too much money out of your budget to backfill the vacancies.

This seemingly never-ending cycle of low retention issues makes you feel frustrated, stressed, anxious, lost, and hopeless and makes your job more challenging and miserable. It costs you money and time to find and keep qualified employees, and it costs you to have disengaged employees.

Low retention is not ideal because your officers are overworked, backfilling the vacant positions and increasing your liability exposure from officer burnout.

Research shows that employees do not leave organizations; they leave managers. The root cause of your retention issues is the lack of proven, evidence-based leadership development training focused on boosting morale and job satisfaction.


We know exactly how you feel. Dealing with low staffing makes your job as chief much more difficult in your endeavors to keep your officers and your communities safe.


According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%. Gallup research also showed that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. With numbers like that being so prevalent, do you know if your organization is on the right side of those statistics? If you want to boost the retention rate of your employees, you need to start measuring employee engagement as soon as possible to keep your personnel and reduce employee turnover. Measuring job satisfaction/employee engagement should be more than just the job of your human resources department. The best managers measure employee satisfaction on their teams regularly.

Magny Leadership provides comprehensive retention and recruiting consulting services for clients in policing. Our team of experienced recruiters and human resource professionals offers a full range of services, from guiding clients through the recruitment process and helping them build effective teams to developing effective retention strategies and helping to ensure that their departments are staffed with the best possible candidates. We are committed to helping our clients attract, develop, and retain the most qualified, diverse, and dedicated professionals to serve their communities. We offer a personalized approach that considers each client’s unique needs and considers the budget, timeline, and other factors related to their recruitment and retention goals. One of those first steps includes changing how managers interact with their employees, which is crucial in the retention of employees. We also guide the development of job postings, selection processes, and onboarding and orientation processes.

Magny Leadership provides innovative and evidence-based management consulting to leaders in policing. Through our services, we strive to improve police-community relations and help police departments operate at their highest potential. Our goal is to ensure our clients are equipped with the necessary skills, resources, and strategies to manage their organizations better, foster trust between the police and the communities they serve, and create a culture of transparency and accountability. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to identify areas of improvement and develop action plans to make a positive and lasting culture change. Our services are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals, enabling them to become more effective and efficient in their decision-making, operations, and leadership. With our support, clients can build a culture of respect, trust, and accountability that improves relationships between the police and their communities.

Magny Leadership’s Emotional Intelligence Training Course for Law Enforcement Agencies is designed to help law enforcement agencies reduce civil liability related to excessive use of force, increase morale and job satisfaction, increase retention and recruiting, and improve communication with the community. The course provides officers with the tools and strategies to practice self-awareness and self-regulation, understand and manage their emotions and the emotions of others, learn to handle stress and criticism, and build and maintain meaningful relationships. Upon completion, attendees receive a certificate in Emotional Intelligence Training.


For a retention strategy to be truly effective, police chiefs must tailor their initiatives to their unique workforce. To discover what issues matter most to you and your employees, we recommend using Magny Leadership. We use various proven methods to address the needs of your organization. Here are some of the most commonly used approaches:

  1. 1-on-1 coaching
    1-on-1 coaching is a session between the coach and the client. It is a laser-focused session where learning, sharing, communication, and development occur. In 1-on-1 coaching sessions, the client is the main focus. The coach guides and helps the client explore their learning, sharing, and developing. This development includes building their leadership skills, emotional Intelligence, and how to be a leader who inspires and motivates others.
  1. Group coaching
    During these sessions, the coach works with multiple clients having a guided experience through the same program simultaneously. This approach helps groups achieve their collective goals and aspirations.
  1. Half-day workshops
    Our seminars provide a realistic approach for today’s law enforcement employees. This accelerated learning option is ideal for employees unable to attend full-day workshops. By focusing on key leadership topics, the quick-paced format makes practical use of your employee’s time.
  1. Full-day workshops
    Our one-day training sessions are more in-depth and require more participation and discussion from the audience.
  1. Multi-day workshops
    This method provides a foundation in learner-centered education and provides participants with practical and proven educational strategies they can implement immediately. However, the number of learner-centered strategies doubles because of the additional time.
  1. Listening sessions
    These events bring members of your organization together to discuss the challenges they face in their everyday life at work. At Magny Leadership, we identify potential unseen retention problems in your organization. Spotting issues as early as possible gives you a huge advantage in creating a plan to boost your employee retention rates. Listening sessions are always confidential, and we only share common themes related to the issues discussed.
  1. Self-assessment evaluations
    This tool examines oneself. Additionally, the exam determines how much progress an individual makes. Self-assessments help individuals monitor their work or abilities, discover their weaknesses and strengths, and self-diagnose relevant solutions. The purpose of self-assessments is to help the individual know the extent of their abilities and improve them without needing a performance appraiser.
  1. 360-Degree Feedback
    This method is used for individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses, using the constructive feedback of others who work with them the most.
  1. Webinars
    We use this online event to broadcast to a select group of individuals through their computers via the Internet. We know that the nature of the job often has employees working in multiple locations. Webinars make it convenient to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, or other multimedia content with audiences in various places.
  1. Motivational Speeches
    Good motivational speeches do what they’re meant to—motivate! Motivational speeches engage the hearts and minds of people in such a way that encourages them to think more clearly, see opportunities, and move forward with purpose and action.
  1. Presentations
    The main goal is to share information. Our presentations instruct the audience on a specific topic. Our audience attends or views an instructive presentation to learn, leaving with a better understanding of the topic. Presentations differ from workshops because they are educational, concise, and to the point.


Our expertise is rooted in understanding the internal culture and challenges of policing. We’re former police officers who know of the different nuances in the policing profession. Our training and curriculum will always be evidence-based and tailored to your organization to solve your retention problem. That’s our commitment to you.

Our trainers have presented to audiences all over the world. They have authored award-winning peer-reviewed papers, are college professors, served as policing fellows, and are subject matter experts in morale, job satisfaction, and emotional Intelligence.


1. First, fill out our simple Contact Form with your interest in working with us.

It’s that simple. We’ll set up a free consultation and discuss what’s going on with your agency. We pride ourselves on providing you with actionable steps to fix your problem.

2. Second, we’ll develop a game plan.

When you team up with us, we’ll work collaboratively to develop a plan to help you succeed so you can get back to doing what you do best.

3. Third, we implement the plan.

Executing plans is what we do best. Not only do we come to you, but we will use video technology periodically to address the factors leading to your retention issue(s).

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