Police Stickers

Police stickers are a great way to make inroads in your community, especially with young people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen kids and teenagers alike chasing officers down asking for stickers. They stick them on their t-shirts, foreheads, backpacks, etc. If you work patrol, you already know you’re the first point of contact with citizens in your area. One way you can build and strengthen trust in your community is to carry some police stickers with you. Pass those stickers out whenever you find yourself around kids or teenagers. You’ll be astonished by the positive impact you can have by doing something so simple. I cannot tell you how many lasting relationships I’ve made with community members, and other stakeholders, simply because of my engagement with young people. This simple act humanizes and makes you approachable to others who may be weary of police officers. If your organization doesn’t have police stickers, consider talking to your chain about investing in purchasing a few.

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