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Four reasons why Emotional Intelligence are important in policing: Better relationships with members of the public Better relationships between co-workers Decrease use of force incidents (thus less injuries) Happier employees

Claiming Your Seat at the Table

Special Guest Blog Post by: Jonni Fenner (Assistant Chief, California Highway Patrol) Sometimes you get an opportunity to sit among some very intelligent people where you glean great insight. I often find myself seeking these circles of people so I stay inspired and moving forward in this profession after 28 years. I happened to be…

Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting and retention have become a critical subject for many law enforcement agencies today. Police officers play a crucial role in making sure society doesn’t anarchy and chaos. It’s fair to say that without the police, we as a society would be perilously doomed. In the past few years, many police departments have been struggling…

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The Case for Coaching in Policing

In today’s world, police officers are under so much scrutiny. It seems almost weekly, there’s another story in some media outlets of officer misconduct, or reports of systemic issues (racism, rogue officers, violation of civil rights, etc.) plaguing a police department. In most organizations, you’re going to have employees who poorly represent the company they…

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