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Magny Leadership is a consulting company focused on helping police organizations increase the retention rate of their officers. Magny Leadership emphasizes collaboration with clients and works closely with management and employees.

Magny Leadership can help police organizations unfasten the barriers and achieve the goal of having a motivated and productive workforce. Magny Leadership always takes a sensible, innovative, and evidence-based approach to help police chiefs increase the retention rate of their police officers.

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Meet our Founder, Dr. Obed Magny

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Dr. Obed Magny is an expert in emotional intelligence, employee retention and recruiting, and job satisfaction. After 17 years of service in policing, he left to start his consulting company to help police organizations increase trust and legitimacy internally and with their external stakeholders. His research, training style, and signature strategies for engaging employees have been ahead of their time.

He advocates for soft skills training in a profession not known for embracing it. He is passionate about public safety and the wellness of our first responders, and his superpower is his engaging training style. We’ve seen far too often police organizations falling short in various matters, which include misconduct, leadership failures, lack of contemporary training, and the staffing crisis affecting many today. Dr. Magny is committed to helping police organizations become the best versions of themselves.


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Just acknowledging the issue was a great thing! I appreciate that so much of this goes on in traditional policing roles and departments, but it also happens in the private and non-profit sectors where sadly so many in leadership have no apparent understanding of policing and the inherent issues.

~ Valerie

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