54th Mile Policing Project

The most critical issue facing the policing profession today is learning how to build trust with the communities officers serve. The need to address and solve the fractured nature of community-police relations in many areas of the United States is at a critical junction. Using the metaphor of building bridges as a foundation to connect two sides that seemed at odds with each other, three black leaders in policing decided to be a catalyst for change.

The 54th Mile Policing Project is a course curriculum that will aid leaders in policing to enhance relationships with their community members. Part of the curriculum includes this short documentary of three Black police leaders as they walked the historic 54-mile civil rights walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Along their journey, they reflect on what it means to be Black men, law enforcement leaders, and Americans who believe in a future where justice is colorblind and police are catalysts for racial equality.

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