police chiefs:

End Officer Retention Problems Now!

Boost officer satisfaction

Transform workplace culture

retention aids recruitment

The Problem

Low retention rates mean:

  • Decreased morale
  • Loss of productivity undermining public safety
  • High cost to replace officers
  • Harms recruiting campaigns
  • Poor word-of-mouth within force


Isn’t it time for more officer engagement and increased job satisfaction?

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Magny Leadership helps police chiefs increase the retention rate of their officers so their organization can provide adequate, professional, and quality public safety.

The process is simple:


Initial consultation


Develop a game plan

Implement the game plan

They said

Praise for Magny Leadership:

Excellent Speaker!

He’s compassionate about his specialty. Thanks for all the helpful, useful, practical tips.
~ Roseann

Fantastic information

Look forward to his next presentation.
~ Billy


Dr. Obed Mangy was extremely passionate and provided very useful information!
~ Reba

This speaker was awesome

Everything he said, anyone in law enforcement could relate.
~ Susan

Good presenter!

The personal role and responsibility leadership has to the employees’ job satisfaction and retention.
~ William

Great Speaker!

There’s energy out there for something better. Great speaker!
~ Eryn

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